Thursday, January 13, 2011

StarByte arrives in Nomos

A new addition has entered the city in the form of an internet cafe. Though such establishments have been known to have been defunct since the late 21st century, the introduction of the StarByte cafe has brought a smile to many who have passed it so far.

"Yeah that is so what I know it is," commented one youth pressed up against the window, "This is going to be tre awesome!"

Although the excitement is evident in some residents, some
also seem concerned as to how or why the StarByte cafe is in existence in Nomos.

Silent whispers and speculation are already beginning to ripple throughout the neon streets about the residential demographic that is showing a keen interest in the opening of StarByte. Rumours are beginning to circulate that such an old system would attract potential hackers.

"With the technology rampaging through our current day and age, why would we need such a place?" one woman scowled, "If you ask me, its
asking for more trouble. Look at those kids drooling outside on the footpath there. They wouldn't have even been foetus' when this sort of thing was around. I smell a rat."

The question arises as to how Starbyte came to be in the first place. If the hearsay were to be confirmed, is MetroTek responsible? If so, is there no concern over risking their technology worth millions of $G with such a business.

MetroTek were unavailable for comment. However, the youths surrounding StarByte were happy to comment on the corporations behalf.

"We may have put it here, we may not have. We want the good citizens to enjoy it but don't really give a rat's ass who uses it," says one youth jumping off a milk crate after imitating a MetroTek official. "Look lady, who cares who put it here. Whatevs, it's here!"
StarByte Cafe is located across from MetroPol Station, and will be open for business soon.

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