Monday, May 24, 2010

A New Champ Rises!

Readers, the fight on saturday night was a thrilling one! The Fight Club, run by Mr. Ling and Zachary Trent (Pawel Ziplon), was packed. People where pouring in to watch this magnificent display of the human ferocity, portrayed in hand to hand combat. After much fighting, one tantrum, and a whole lot of blood, our winnner was - The Snub (Diseased Sugarplum)!!! He was clearly the best fighter tonight, beating his final round oponent RPR-110 (Cael Ishtari), last week's champion. The Snub had this to say. "Well well geez, just go to show, youths today know nothing of fighting not no how! Well yeah, of course experience won over youth, eh geez!" A job well done to all the contestants, and thanks to all the fans from Mr. Ling. He had this to say. "I say that the Snub didn't work hard at all, drunk like a fish and yet he won the bloody tournament, and that's cause he eats our vitamins every bloody day." We here at Street Life consider fight night to be a wonderful experience, and an event that everyone in Nomos should go to every Saturday night.

Chandler Namir (Sports Reporter)

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