Friday, May 14, 2010

Tension Rising - Violence in the streets of Nomos ... but the streets aren't the only place

As the city of Nomos continues to grow its inhabitants begin to group together more, henceforth creating there allegiances and enemies. There seems to be an increasing rate in crime and decreasing presence of officers. Could it be the city is unable to control the threats within? Or could it be assumed the police force has been corrupted itself and forced to adapt to their environment?

While the economy rises from businesses which are now fully establishing themselves, the employees of Nomos seem to be forming allegiances within their workplaces. The club and bar employees have been observed by anonymous sources committing criminal activities together, at least so its been rumored. They have also been verified and identified in the streets going at it in all out brawls with each other. Is this where the R & R City of Nomos is heading? And if so what could be outcome of its future?

A few of the gangs within the city have already been earning themselves names and street reputations. The Dark Embrace Motorcycle Club, The Local 216, even the Fitness Center has been seen roaming the streets in small groups. Camaraderie in the workplace is either boosting Moral to an extreme or creating what could be considered Organized Crime waves throughout the area.

It has been rumored then verified by multiple hospital reports that there indeed was a dispute within Club Primal earlier this week. A few random sources have confirmed what they saw as a "Gang War" inside the club itself between a group of bikers, the employees of the establishment and members of the local Laborers Union fighting it out at the bar and on the dance floor. How the altercation began is unknown at this time, but how it ended was with at the least a couple hundred in bills at the hospital. Maybe this money can be used to help strengthen the Metro's Police presence?

The bottom line here is that the city is growing at an alarming rate. There are new faces on the streets every day, and new crews being formed as well as already established groups recruiting more members to their cause. One way or another this reporter feels the city is on the verge of a new wave of light, whether that light is bright or dim depends upon the actions of residents pushing for what they want and which one wants it most.

. Unknown Author.
Street Sweeper

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