Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petty Theft on the Rise

Nomos Central - A string of petty thefts has been keeping Metropol on it's toes and it's foundation full of the culprits responsible for the crimes. But one has to wonder when the crime wave will end and if Metropol has the man power to stop it?

This reporter stopped to watch near Metropol at around midnight as a number of people were hauled into the station. Now I'm not one to tell Metropol how to do their job but the slap on the wrist these offenders are receiving has some questioning if Metropol is in support of local businesses or is there something else going on.

Crime in the City is up by a whopping 12% since just one month ago. Business owners are starting to ask themselves if there is something more they can do and a couple have even resorted to carrying weapons. They just don't feel safe anymore. The ATM's are buzzing with the normal weekly deposits now being made on a nightly basis. But the question remains will Metropol enforce stronger sentences for repeat offenders or will these offenders take the tender right out of the business owners hands because that is what it's coming down to.

Reporting for StreetLife, Vanity Leviathan

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