Saturday, May 22, 2010

Toecutter Slingshot - The Inside Story

An Exclusive interview

The most interesting of circumstances are likely to happen in a city such as Nomos. Be it the blaring city lights or the assortment of creatures that roam the city streets.

The latest in the series of the long runnning feud between a Miss Sunceray Jaques and Mr Toecutter Slingshot reached new heights two nights ago when drama unfolded around the Club Primal.

The abduction of Sunceray has now led to a city revolt to bring down the man, locals are saying, to be one of the most dangerous criminals out there. But is the talk simply speculation? In a one on one interview with the infamous Toecutter, we aim to seek more answers.

When asked about the latest story about him he'd replied:

"nah well the one about me busting in to Suncerays club and kidnapping her is bullshit. Yeah i was there but i fought in self defence she pulled a gun on me from under her desk , tried to surprise me and put me off being naked and all"
So in the end was there every good intention to have this only be a 'friendly' visit?
"its always a friendly visit from me , but she went nuts. Still has it in for me has done from day one. Sun and i go way back and now its a blood fued between us"
Further investigation leads us to believe the history of Toecutter and Sunceray go back to the days of him being her hired help. Help needed for a sticky situation between the Primal owner and the Metropol police force.

A chain of events however from that point had led to the status of their current feud.

"I use to work for Sunceray as hired help kind of till she betrayed me” he says “yeah i was meant to take out her garbage and do her dirty work till the day i was shot in the back. Cant even have a fucking beer with out some asshole trying to take me out"

So the question arises; Is this notorious target only a victim of simple misunderstanding?

"Nah not a victim just some one who wont be pushed around by metropol or other is all , seems if you stand up for your self here your a thug or a crimanal " claims Toecutter, "but i ask you this Who is watching the cops here?"

The report suddenly turns to the behind the scenes activities of the Metropol police division. Could such actions have led to the beginning of this blood battle?

"How about the leader of the Metropol officers Aizen ask him what crimes he has commited her to the citizens of nomos. Damn even ask Sunceray what he did to her and why i was hired for after it " he claims "im just getting some rightful pay back is that so bad?"

The payback now has the city seeing it ten fold with more interest being sparked into joining his club that he had founded.

"Yeah well they see what im trying to do here and want to be apart of it , thanks to metropol and other organisations here they help with my membership numbers".

Toecutter then continues to speak of their aim with a grin. "Our aim is to just have fun and enjoy what nomos has to offer"

The report ends there with a simple nod from Toecutter. The sudden burst of activity with members of his group entering the Titty Twister now meant their business dealings were to commence.

Written bu an informed sorce.

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