Monday, May 17, 2010

A Howl for Unity

Recent sightings around the city of Nomos have led locals to believe that an old myth may be coming to fruition. The strange and more consistent findings of bloodied corpses lining the pipes of the underground sewer has an eerie whisper of the term 'lycan' being echoed throughout the streets. Residents south of the city have reported increasing concern over the howls breaking the silence in the dead of the night. Certain members pinpoint the noise to Apartment 4 of a certain block.

The occupant, a silver haired woman by the name of Skar, holds the face of angelic features. The skulls dangling by the side of her pants as she casually leaves the block however gives off a different impression. Is she a creature with the ability to change her form? Catching her wasn't easy, she held a speed beyond any Orga. She growls on the suject at hand.

"Of course we exist. We exist as strongly as the leeches prancing around in tight leather exist. Our allegience could be stronger, but shit happens"
She leads the investigation further North of Nomos to a man by the name of Loctoran. He stood with an overtowering height, the shadow of the brim of his hat covering his facial features. The fur that aligned the collar of his coat almost resembled the hair of an Orga or Hybrid fur. The light of the moon touched one side of his face slightly, showing the hardness of the mask he was wearing. The tone of his voice was long and drawn out.

"Yes these beasts exist..." he says, his tone not as defensive as Skar's "We are much too scattered though. The irresponsibility of leaving evidence around the sewers is amateurish and puppy behaviour" He looks up to reveal the painted grin upon his mask, his tone lowering once more "Of course if it is the lycans you are pointing your accusations at"

The subject quickly moves back to the issue of the scattered packs.
Loctoran paces the room with almost an aristocratic flair before seating himself. "Ah yes, i aim to have us all join forces. One mother pack, containing all the packs... to become allies in this fight against our extinction" he pauses slightly to adjust his hat "Lupus and Vargulf have joined forces, we seek more..."

The mysterious creature disappears into the shadows of the streets unscathed by the neon lights. The eerie howls begin to echoe through the city again as the moon's light begins to overpower the night. Nomos, the lycans have arrived.

Author unknown

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