Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Excessive force: Does Metropol push the limits?

Dateline: Tuesday, May 25th
Location Club Primal City of Nomos.

As your eyes adjust to the dim lighting of the interior of Club Primal we see Rachel Tapioca (Primal's manager) danceing on stage. It is customer appreciation day at Primal also known as naked Tuesday. Dancing for her customers delight in saunters sun the clubs owner. During the exchange of greetings in walks Aizen Wind, head of Metropol. Taking a seat close to the stage to observe the happenings in the club. Aizen is engaged in a conversation by Rachel. During the conversation it became evident that input was needed from sun. Putting her two cents in sun is allegedly told to shut up by the Metropol leader.

Claiming her right to free speech sun is allegedly told she has only the rights that Metropol allows her. Drawing his gun Aizen allegedly proceeds to try to arrest sun. Seeing said gun she runs out of the club followed by Aizen shooting at her as she ran.

Shooting sun down in the middle of the street unarmed Aizen allegedly proceeds to stop all on lookers from talking about what they saw. Even going so far to destroy a citizens camera who managed to snap a picture of the incident.

Is Nomos a police state now? Do we not have the right to free speech? According to Metropol that answer is NO.

Author unknown

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