Monday, May 24, 2010

Ancient Books Advertisement

You round the corner and spy a small store tucked away in Sector 2. Through filmy windows, your eyes fall upon row after row of books, spines ragged, some gilt-edged… editions both of fine leather and torn cloth. You glance at the sign, “Ancient Books,” and step inside. No one remembers when Baal reopened the place. No one is that old, or so they say. You breathe the air and think there is nothing like the smell of dusty paper and the feel of hand-printed letters on thick brown pages. You're home.


* Pyschic detective division
- Paranormal Investigations. Lost Items Found. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. If you have a problem that needs solving, then perhaps the folks over at Ancient Books can help you out.

* Psychic services
- Alchemy, Spell casting, Curses, Tarot readings, Runes, Bones, Voodoo, Fortune telling etc.. Whatever your hearts desire, we at The Ancient Books have something for you.

* The Bookstore,
-Rare and unusual books on a variety of subjects.. A book club and storytelling events.

Please feel free to contact for inquiries -
-Niobe Flux aka Amadeus Hexslinger
-Aricelli Valencia
-Joah Menjou
-Pontifex Jenvieve

((Join Ancient Books - Nomos group.)

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