Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Man Standing - Skyway Arena - June 4th, 7PM

Time: June 4th 7PM SLT

What is last man standing?

It is when a group of fighter gather in the arena circle and fight to death!!

Entry Fee: 100G (Arrangements made for those needing them)

Enter for your chance to win a BIG prize and be cast for the first Nomos television show!!!!!

There will be three rounds, anyone who wins any of the three rounds will be automatically cast and will sit out for the next round. If you win 2 rounds you get a bonus cash prize and if you win all three you will win even more.

Could it be more simple?

If there are three diffrent winners in the end there will be an showdown in which all three will get cast in the television show and will fight off in the arena for cash!

Crowd attack rules:

At the end of all three matches the crowd may jump in the fight with the fighters and may attack them. If anyone is left standing at the end they will win a spot for the
NFC (Nomos Fighting Champoionship)

Anyone who would like to participate in the crowd attack will IM me and pay a 50G entry fee to participate!

Thank you all and hope to see you there!!!!

After the matches be sure to join us for some treats and a dance.


Contact: Kotana Xaris

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