Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Plee for Help

In the cool predawn hours of tuesday morning toecutter slingshot entered the primal club and made his way to the office or sunceray jacques the owner of the club. Entering the office unanounced and without knocking her finds here there NAKED and UNARMED changing her clothes for her next series of dances. Finding the frail woman utter defenseless he proceeds to back her against the wall and attatck her without provacation. Handcuffing her he also attatckes a new employee of the primal club hostage. Dragging sun thru the streets of nomos naked he takes her to his dirty falling down shack of a bar on the outskirts of the wasteland where he announces that these two helpless females are going to be forced to dance in his club. Seems as a poor manager of clubs he was unable to secure any ravishing women to work for him so he stole what he and his demented motorcyle gang wants.

People of nomos how long are we going to allow this sort of behavior? Where our wives and mothers and even our daughters can be stolen from out of their beds and forced to do unspeakable things.? Good citizens of nomos if we dont band together and stop this menace now in its infancy we will be forever cursed by their desire and greed to do whatever it is they wish to do.

Band together now in groups and attatck toecutter and his demc at every opportunity before they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night and take whats most precious to you.

Author unknown

Street Life neither supports nor denies the story. Perhaps Mr. Toecutter would like to respond?

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