Friday, May 21, 2010

Police Files: Kurt Flanx Incarcerated

Officers Jenvieve and Waddles recently uncovered a bizarre plot by Nomos gangs to infiltrate the Metropol police force. The infamous Kurt Flanx was apprehended for the attempted murder of Officer Jenvieve, following a failed attempt of running the Metropol officer out of town. It is believe that Kurt's gang, the Slicers, had stolen the officer's badge as part of a plan to replace Jenvieve with a duplicate clone. Upon further questioning, Kurt revealed that clone was suppose to impersonate the officer while slipping Kurt and his gang sensitive information which they would be able to sell on the black market.

Severely injured, Officer Pontifex lived through the attack and wit Officer Waddles assistance, escort Kurt to Metropol Headquarters where he awaits trial. Medical costs were covered by a Rep-Detec'c considerable bounty for Kurt, and he is expected to recover fully. When asked about the incident the officer warned, "This scale of ingenuity is only the beginning. The gangs in this city are becoming incubated with the illicit proceeds of their petty crimes and are now able to invest large sums into new and unimaginable schemes." Officer Pontifex assures the criminal gangs of Nomos that he too has only begun.

After the incident, several midnight raids were conducted by Metropol on organizations that possibly built the clone, including Roy's Robots and Meditech which was allowed by its parent company Metrotech. However Metrotech did not allow a search of their own bio-engineer laboratory. The investigation is still on-going and any further tips would be appreciated.

Written by an unknown scorce

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