Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Security is normally defined in olden text as 'procedures followed to ensure safety.' The context in this day and age still hasn't changed.
In a city such as Nomos more and more examples of such a concept take place daily. Whether it be as simple as ensuring the right measures are in place to evade your cash till being robbed, to avoiding certain members of one club disrupting the lifestyle of the next.
Mr Pawel Karsnicki is one citizen of Nomos who has managed to turn the everyday grind of protection into a professional living with his firm Karsnicki&Co; a direct faction of licensed security agency SSS.
Known to many of the locals informally as Mr K and assumed to many to be within his early to mid thirties, Mr Karsnicki shows no sign of his line of work tarnishing his sense of humour.
"Naturally, we are a bachelor's agency connecting the lonely souls of Nomos... matchmaking... " he says when posed the question of the purpose of K&Co "We also have a bakery downstairs, for birthday cakes... isn't that obvious?"
On further inquiry, Mr Karsnicki was able to differentiate what it is exactly they do.
"Karsnicki&Co is a firm, SSS is more of a generic license to perform as a detective or indeed a bodyguard... this office is a gathering point for all those who are in posession of one, really... and we are not responsible for actions of any individual with a license who is not a part of K&Co"
The walls of his office adorn photos of those K&Co are hired to search for.
"Those on the board here, are merely to be delivered to a good customer who had any of those" he says "Orders put up, once the individual had been delivered in here and equipped with an electronic restraint, there is no further involvement from an agent, as we are not authorized to take any additional action"
Since the arrival of K&Co and similar businesses specailising in such tasks, the term 'bounty' has been thrown around many of the folk around the city. Mr Karsnicki clearly states on behalf of his business that this is not the case.
"That expression is deeply abusive to the detective work" he claims "We operate legally only, and I stress that word indeed - legally"
Mr Karsnicki also stresses that once the missing are found, they are to be returned to the concerned client and not to the individual responisble for finding them.
"Our system ensures that the missing ones go directly to those looking to care for them"
The simple formula of the olden game of hide and seek seem to be doing the staff of K&Co wanders with more interest being generated within the public wanting to connect with those they seek. The general overview, according to Mr K being a successful one so far.
"The last few days saw the happy return of a number of missing persons being returned happily and in some very good atmosphere" he says "Also we do accept all other kinds of enquiries as K&Co, that can be discussed directly with myself... including our paramedical service, and other private assignments.... I would say that the business is keeping us extremely busy at times - which is good news for us and our clients I guess."
The question than come forth as to whether they are at all linked to the law enforcement that is Metropol.
"From our perspective Metropol is a client as any other, hence the links with it are exactly the same as with other customers" he says without hesitation "Unless the matters dealt with involve breaking the law.... then of course, we are obliged to report any crime to the nearest policeman, as every... law abiding citizen does, right?"
Mr Karsnicki ends on the note that any client should be confident in the services they deliver.
"I would only add, that our service is unique in being non-discriminative to our customers, no matter of a background the come from, which makes us rather unique in Nomos - neutrality is a great asset in the current situation we are having here"

SSS offices which hold K&Co is located next door to Naked Lunch and appointments are normally made with a knock on the door.

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