Tuesday, June 22, 2010

***Ancient Books Writing Challenge*** (deadline 26 June)

UPDATE: Deadline is now extended to 26 June!

You walk the littered streets listening to the sound of your feet scraping and scuffing against the pavement. It's dark but with the glow of the neon you find that you can see well enough. Steam billows out of a nearby duct and you feel the damp heat touch upon your skin. A bottle clinks down the dark alley you passed as you are suddenly reminded you are not as alone as once you thought. Quick, what was that? Did you just hear something chitter? Rats, or something else? Something older and darker, more aware? A cold sweat breaks out along the brow as you feel your neck begin to prickle as....

Just a reminder that Ancient Books has a writing challenge going on!
Challenge: Our challenge to you is to compose a modern, very short, tale of terror set in Nomos with a Lovecraftian twist

1. The most important thing is the story, but we do care about good writing. Break rules for effect, not because you didn't use a spellchecker.
2. Stories should be no longer than 600 words.
We'll be looking at your ability to suggest a world, rather than to fill it in and dot every i.

Submission Deadline June 15th Midnight SLT.
Please send a note card with your short story to Joah Menjou or Niobe Flux

Prize: Winning story offered as a note card book in the shop.

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