Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Street Wisez in the Streetz

Who would have thought... the leader of the notious gang Dark Embrace Motorcycle Club, Toecutter Slingshot was seen late at night outside of Club Pecos handing over a paper bag to Sister Judy ... the owner of the Hostel. The contents of the bag are unknown but this intrepid reporter did mange to catch a little of the conversation... it went like this:

Sister Judy: "Who may I say made this large donation?"

Toecutter: "Ahh its not just me Miss thats from all of us at the DEMC I can't take credit for it all by myself."

Toecutter : "Just say the DEMC and well I'm Toecutter if you need to put a name to large amount of tax free cash. He grins.

It would seem that there was a large wad of cash lets say 1000G. One has to ask ... are the DEMC funding housing for the homeless so they can sell more drugs to the destitute?

Or is this a money laundering scheme?

Perhaps its a real and genuine act of generosity... I'll leave you to decide.

Oh sorry about the photo quality... it was late, I was drunk... I had to use my mobile and I left the lens cap on.

[As you can see there is no picture]

Reporting for Street Life, glitch Scatter

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