Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Street Life Mail Bag

Recently Street Life recieved a letter from one of the citizens of Nomos. Normally as a rule we do not publish these types of letters but this one was just too good to let slip by. Now being that Street Life is neutral in this debate we would like to offer Metropol a chance to respond since they are the targeted group to which this note is directed.

So on with the letter ...

Dear Sherif Aizen and Deputy Chief Steven,

I am totally upset about the inhuman methods handling with Prisoners.
Two of my lovly Cats were tortured brutally and bloody. Star and Finn got bad Wounds and the Pain they have got was more then they deserved in your Oppinion of Police Judgement.

I watched this Garbage long enough and start to react now. I will hunt every MetroPol Member and bring them in my Slaughtery, you can imnagine what I will do there.
I give you 2 Options to stop my attacks:
1. You find the Person who made this inhuman Methods and punish him like he deserves it.
Or 2. You must kill me.

it is up to you and you could be happy bout this Offering I do, because I dont deal with Terrorists.

Signed by Loona Azazil (Gatha Loon), Queen of the Cats.

OUCH! Even i can feel the claw marks. Metropol please shead some light on this matter for us.

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