Friday, June 4, 2010

Spotlight: Naked Lunch


The old jazz begins to play seductively over the airwaves, distracting patrons of any further disturbance from the almost canabalistic artwork adorning the walls. The bar still smells of the fresh mahogany it had been created from, though the scent of fine wine produced during the same era of the music playing was beginning to evade it.

The patrons of The Naked Lunch carry on about their business within the bar casually, as the place exudes such an environment.
"Its an excellent eastablishment." says one customer "Quite relaxing"

Current owners of The Naked Lunch, Miss Nova Caerndow and Mr Steven Wray have taken care of the business for some time now enjoying the traffic brought in from the Nomos Arena built on top.
"Yes, both participants and observers of the Arena enjoy a bit of contrast to the action" says Mr Wray "They come in here for a drink before they make their way for the night."

As for the name of the place, Mr Wray claims that it was derived from a book that the previous owner of the bar was appealed with.
"Naked Lunch, it was originally owned by an interesting man named Eric Zane, eccentric artist at the very least. He named this place after a book a man wrote, that he claimed to have met," he says "William Burroughs was the name, I believe."

Despite an interesting history, Naked Lunch also boasts an intriguing dining menu accustomed for any Nomos citizen.
"We've a personal supplier that provides the most exotic tastes that every meat-eater would enjoy thoroughly; and we very much encourage such indulgence."

Sunday specials will now be available to appease the appetites of any Nomosian, be it fresh from a Fight Club tournament or resting their arms after an exhausting Industry arm wrestle.
"Every Sunday we will present a special dish, a surprise you can say. It shall always be varied, but exquisite will always be the taste." says Mr Wray, "In fact, if it all possible, these days will be considered charity. We hope to provide these dishes to any and all who wish to taste of it."

The generosity of the Mr Wray and Miss Caerndow come with good timing as an influx of new citizens arrive within the city. Some of which may be in need of finding a place of comfort to express themselves artistically.
"One must keep in mind that this place is first and foremost a place to express the exotic arts of any form. Any and all forms of expression will find themselves acceptable here, and the starving artist will always be fed."

The entertainment of Naked Lunch also helps epitomise the bar's artistic flair, mostly through that of owner Miss Caerndow.
"Our entertainment will not be of a typical manner - it will vary from the simple enjoyment of conversation to the more carnal indulgence of the exposed form of the owner of this establishment. Her body and mind is more than profound enough to provide such needs of entertainment," claims Mr Wray "And we are also quite open to the possibility of employment of entertainers; be it in body, word, music or mind."

Naked Lunch is located next door to Street Life (147,50,50) . Allow your taste buds to indulge in fine wine and dining, try them today.

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