Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Street Life Squealer

Hello out there my little Nomosians.
Nomosian ... kinda sounds like a bar drink doesn't it? "I'll have the Nomosian on the rocks." Well hold on to your hats because as rumors would have it drinking a "Nomosian" isn't too far fetched at all. Matter of fact in the back allies of Nomos you can get most anything you like for a price according to one source. And what is it with fur in Nomos? Is this the latest fashion trend or an experiment gone wrong? I have seen people walking around with tails! Now I don't care how trendy it is you won't catch this writer wearing a tail! To each his own but keep the fleas to yourself please.

Well, well my pretties people come and people go but it seems that recently we've lost a staple in the Nomos seam of everyday life. Yes folks former Fight Club owner Zachary Trent just up and vanished it seems. No one has any idea where Trent has gone but what makes it even more odd is Trent's right hand man Mr. Ling has also taken leave of his position at the Nomosian favorite, "Fight Club." Hmmm could it be Trent and Ling these back ally bars are serving up or is that all just a bunch spook stories? That one folks you'll have to find out on your own.

Robocop ain't got nothing on Aizen Wind, chief and director of Metropol's finest. Mess with him and you may find yourself in the newly opened prison that will house those who need just a little extra attention. Yes that's right it's state of the art technology assures the good people of Nomos that they will be safe on the streets ... that is unless you run across that renegade motorcycle club going by the initials DEMC. Some say it stands for "Dirty, Evil, Mindless, Chaos." I can neither confirm or deny that and the leader of this gang of rebels, Mr. Toecutter has been unreachable. But I can tell you this. Mr. Toecutter was of the first to soil the sheets at the new prison ... I don't think orange is his color.

If it's entertainment you want Nomos has got it! Club Primal offers hot chicks while Industry offers wrestling. Club Pecos, under the new management of Joy Warblood is a favorite watering hole and The Pit with it's hot pink flames is as the tag line goes, "The hottest club in Nomos." And we aren't stopping there we have Alien which still remains on the lower key side of town and in Nomos 2 the bikers have their own club called, "The Titty Twister." There is plenty to do in Nomos it doesn't matter what direction you walk you will find some action.

Fight Club is under new ownership and the dates and hours are changing. The big day seems to be Sunday @ 4PM SLT. But new owner Kurt Flanx has promised Nomosians more fights! And who doesn't love a good fight?! If you ask Flanx maybe you better have your favorite weapon of choice at you side and then again there are those that say hes as gentle as a lamb. I think I'll let you find out for yourself and when you do you let me know.

Express yourself! Nomos has tattoos! And a shop where you can get all inked up mmm sounds hot to me, oh wait ... that's oil not ink! Anyway it's all about the fashion just ask all those tail wearing trend setters.

Ever thought of packing heat and being all legal while doing it? Ever wanted to shout out the phrase "STOP or I'll shoot?!" If you answered yes it may be your lucky day! Metropol is hiring. Inquires contact Aizen Wind. Street Life is hiring as well, looking for writers interested in earning extra gold. If interested please contact Vanity Leviathan.

Well that's it Nomos for this edition of, Street Life Squealer. If you have any news or tidbits on happenings in and around Nomos please contact Vanity Leviathan. (Eden Starfall) and until next time watch out for fleas!

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