Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kidnappings in Nomos?

Whispered reports of women being targeted by a dangerous criminal. Are you next?

Not only are the good citizens of Nomos faced with rat-infested streets, criminal injustice, corruption and brutality, now the women of Nomos must also be on full alert after this reporter heard rumors of a serial kidnapper roaming the streets and clubs of our beloved, smog-ridden city.

That’s right ladies. Not only must you concern yourself with leering men on every street corner and Metropol officers with wondering hands, but also the frightening possibility of being targeted by Nomos’ latest infamous criminal. Very recently, two young girls have gone missing, right from under everyone’s noses. One young woman, Cass, a good friend of many and an employee at the Club Primal, was followed home by this man after leaving the club and has not been seen since. How is it that no one was there to help her? Why have the security tapes not been examined yet?

Surely, after a string of disappearances, it is good cause for Metropol to step up to the plate and protect the good citizens of Nomos? Although a reliable sources has reported that Metropol have finally been informed of the situation and have promised to “look into it” surely this is simply too late? While Metropol have been standing around countless more women could have been taken and yet to be reported missing, we simply do not know. But this reporter goes as far to suggest that we could all have felt a good deal safer if Metropol had already done this job and arrested this criminal.

This reporter seeks to ask several questions of this incident. Firstly, why where Metropol not informed of this incident sooner so that the general public could be warned and put on alert? Or perhaps, the better question; is it true that people no longer view Metropol as an honest or respectful organization, no longer capable pouring water out of a boot if there were instructions on the heel, let alone a search party? To be sure, they have yet to prove themselves in this matter. But, let this be a warning to the women of Nomos, especially those working in clubs and escort services, be aware and be safe. This time, danger truly might, lurk around every corner.

Submitted by an Anonymous Source


  1. Because there were no crimes submitted and that Cass was never reported missing? - chief kurt

  2. lmao, how do the abducted report their abduction chief kurt?