Sunday, November 21, 2010

Souped Up Saints

The local church of Nomos has a new addition in the form of a soup kitchen alongside it's property, guaranteed to latch onto the taste buds of many citizens.

The church has recently undergone new ownership with siblings Amelie [Minor Arcana] and Andre Arcana [Major Arcana]. The duo, who have only recently arrived in the city, have the confidence to run the church in the most positive light.

Amelie Arcana who was available for comment claims that the soup kitchen is a callaborative effort between themselves and the Miners Light Hostel.

"It's a project we are starting in co-operation with the Hostel, understanding that many who seek shelter there also are want for food." she says, "We found ourselves in a position to offer it to them. We will not turn away those who are not in poverty, though. Some people just like soup. These people should help defray the costs of the operation, too... but our main concern is to feed those who otherwise would not be fed."

"Anything that feeds people is good," says Sister Judy. "We try to help all we can"

In terms of prices, the Arcana's seem savvy with their balance of good value to their customers and fairness to their surrounding businesses.

"The prices will change regularly. Those we are aimed at mostly will have it for what they can afford. Today, those who are not starving will have it for 10G, but the prices will be modified as we consult local businesses about their pricing," she claims. "We'll do this regularly, so as not to have too great an effect on the local economy. I don't want our soup to become a popular alternative to sushi, or burgers, that it is harmful to the business of others."

Even with the history risen and inflated prices in some of the businesses in Nomos, the concern does not seem to phase the Arcana's who still hold a healthy outlook for running their business.

"Should they wish to sell their food for less than our soup, then those we are trying to help would only benefit from that and I would still consider this a success," she says. "I cannot think of any area we require their consideration, so long as we do not seriously offend anyone to risk attempts at direct rivalry."

The Arcana's prior to their arrival to Nomos were performers.
"We are not what many would expect when they hear our titles here," says Miss Arcana. "André and I have travelled together since we were very young. We've had an exciting life. We did a lot of theatre, singing, performing. Both of us are big fans of cabaret, and we've toured with a number of small groups."

Though their past, on first impressions may be a slight contrast the church lifestyle, Miss Arcana maintains that it does not necessarily differ to that of running the church.

"It's not so surprising a move, we're in the same business we always have been. It's making people smile, sharing the wisdom which I think, all modesty aside, we've obtained in our time. It's knowing how to talk to people," she says. "Not everyone has the same buttons and something you learn as a performer is how to work with that. We saw the church as a better platform for sharing our ideas and helping folk that the clubs had been previously. "

Miss Arcana sums up her ideas with the church with this final message.

"We should like to make it known that all are welcome in here. To speak, to listen. We have all this space to be used and we'd like to see people in here sharing their thoughts with each other. Anyone," she says. "There's this assumption that factional or racial affiliations can make you persona non grata, but it's no longer the case, if it ever was."


  1. Yayyy, soup for me!

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